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by | May 3, 2017

Start page

The start page contains information about your company, a graphs section where you can get an overview of your company’s equipment and jobs, and sections containing news, service messages and various useful links.

The following modules are found in Onix Work:

  • Companies
    Here you can find (or register) any company you do business with
    See: Company module – General
  • Equipment
    All your own equipment, and any externally owned equipment that you have access to, can be listed here. Registration and maintenance of equipment and associated details and data, including Jobs and their related documentation, can be done here as well.
    See: My Equipment
  • Jobs
    All started and filed jobs can be found in the Jobs module. Jobs can be modified or filed from both Jobs module, and directly on the equipment in Equipment module.
    See: Inspect customers equipment
  • Orders
    For supplier to quick deliver equipment with documents to customer.
    See: Create an order
  • Rental
    The rental module lets you manage rental projects for your own equipment.
    See: Rental project
  • Documents
    All certificates, inspections, user manuals and other documents relating to your own equipment, or external equipment that you are granted access to, can be found and displayed in this module.
    See: Manage documentation on equipment
  • Products
    Here you can register and maintain Products, which are ‘Equipment templates’ used to speed up equipment registration and delivery.
    See: Create Product

Your system administrator can control each user access-level, which, in conformance with your company’s current licensing scheme, define which modules any user can access.



View feature simplifies search filters in the Equipment module by:

  • Giving you some predefined standard Views.
  • Helping you save, re-use and share the Views.
  • Adding or removing the search criteria flexibly.
  • Switching the view mode of the layout.

Giving you some predefined standard Views

Some predefined standard Views are available from a drop-down menu and each View has its fixed set of visible search criteria.

Helping you save, re-use and share the Views

In addition to the standard views, you can:

  • Create your own view by selecting [gear] icon located right of the View drop-down menu, then “Save As”.
  • Share your views with other colleagues by selecting [gear] icon located right of the View drop-down menu, then “Manage Views”.

If you select “All Available Equipment” View, you will get 100 random equipment. You can edit this limit in Settings.
Onix Work will remember which view you have used most recently and automatically search the results in this view when you go to the Equipment module.

Free text search

Free text search will search through most fields in Onix Work. To decide which fields you specifically will search in, open “Include these areas” by clicking the [ellipse] button located right of the search field. When all areas are included, the search might take longer, but it will widen your search. If you for example know that you are searching after an order number, it is advised to only include “Order” to make the result specific and fast.

Adding or removing the search criteria flexibly

You can personalize your search criteria by selecting [gear] icon on the top right of Advanced Search section, tick the box next to each search criteria, then click “OK”. You can reset all search criteria by clicking “Revert”.

Switching the view mode of the layout

Equipment can be viewed in Split or Table layout. Default is in Split. You can switch between them in Layout button section.
When Table view is selected, you may also set up your own layout, which column to be included and the sort order. The circle indicates how long it will take to search in the chosen column.

When you create own view, you can also decide the layout, Split or Table.

If you want to export your search to Excel, click “Export”. You can also export results as different PDF files, by clicking “Reports”.

Registration and program for Onix days 2020

Registration and program for Onix days 2020

For registration, click here Place: Stavanger, Scandic Royal (Løkkeveien) Date: 11 - 12 March 2020 Cost per attendee: Kr. 7500,- + VAT. In addition, 580,- pr. day, per. person that includes coffe, snacks and lunch Welcome to Onix days 2020 with focus on Onix Work,...


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