Automatically create equipment and file jobs using Onix Maker

by | May 12, 2017

Onix Maker is the new name of the app previously known as Ordre Import.

Onix Maker helps you create large amounts of equipment and documentation easily and quickly. RFID codes can be connected to serial numbers. With the help of Onix Maker, you can make sure that all equipment is already registered in Onix Work the moment it reaches supplier. To make sure this happens, it’s important that buyer order equipment so that there is little to no work needed in Onix Work. This app is used by producers for suppliers, and customers able to add incoming certificates.

Log on to Onix Maker in Tools -> Logon. Use the same credentials you use in Onix Work.

Insert order lines into the grid. This can be copy pasted directly from Excel. If you have an external order ID, insert this in the field directly above the grid.
Article ID needs to be identical to article registered in Onix Work for the import to be successfully.
Validate order by clicking Order->Validate, or F5.

In Order->Options you decide what is going to happen to your imported order lines. Create equipment and/or create job and/or file job. If you mark all three, these imported equipment will be imported, created and get generated documentation according to article.
Test for Article ID makes sure the article already exists, and Include Global ID will add EPC codes to new equipment.

For suppliers, the normal setting is to choose to test for article numbers, include Global ID and to create equipment. This is done when producers create equipment when sending the equipment to supplier, but it does not get “activated”/used in Onix Work before supplier send it to owner.

When transferring order, a dialogue will tell you the import has been successful. If not successful, you will be notified where the issue is.
A mail will also be sent to user doing the transferring. This mail include a summary of your import, including number of equipment imported and if the import was a success.

Registration and program for Onix days 2020

Registration and program for Onix days 2020

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