Assign security roles

by | May 3, 2017

It is important to limit the privileges of your users. In Onix Work you have a selection of relevant security roles, which will ensure that your users can do what they are supposed to do.
Make sure to have at least one Account Admin, as users with this privilege is the only one that can add new, edit and delete users within your company.

See: Contacts & Users

To assign privileges to a user, you must access Contacts & Users in Settings.
Privileges applies to Onix Work and all Onix applications, like Onix Inspection.

Select the user in the list and go to the tab User Privileges.

  • Read Only: This privilege gives the user read-only access to Onix Work.
    See: Read-only users
  • Filing controls: User can archive jobs on equipment where the user is registered as responsible.
  • Filing others controls: The user can file jobs where another user is registered as responsible.
  • Maintain Connected Content: The user can add control categories and other reference field. Users with this privilege can also accept and create connections in the Connection List. This privilege does not allow the user to create / delete / edit users.
  • Maintain products: The user can add new and modify existing products. 
  • Rental Project: The user can access Rental Project module.
  • Order module: The user can access the order module.
  • Account Administrator: Account Administrator(s) can create users, and determine the rights of these.
  • Sign control card: User can be set as responsible on control cards
  • Sign certificate: User can be set as responsible for certificates.
  • Job verifier: User can verify jobs where the control category demands a verifier.

If the user is a controller/expert, you must also register the control categories person is allowed to inspect.
Note that if no control categories are selected for the user, they per default can inspect all listed control categories for your company.

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